Champion Neon (A member of Champion Group) Is a pioneer of the Signage and Graphics industry in UAE. Founded in 1989, the Champion started their journey with traditional glass neon signs that illuminated across the UAE. With over 3 decades of industry experience, Champion has evolved into a visual communication powerhouse catering to all the major sectors of the industries across the region. From Automotive to Hospitality - Education to Retail, they work with all major brands in the Corporate and SME sector.
Today Champion provides innovative and competitive solutions including Signage, Displays, Graphics, Outdoor Media and Digital Interactive Technologies to name a few.
With its headquarters and production facility in DIP, Champion is fully equipped with the latest technologies and machinery to serve its valued clients with the best solutions in the industry.


We don't just sell signs - we provide complete advertising solutions that help our client's brand shine!


Our Signage solutions serve multiple purposes, such as providing directions, conveying safety information, promoting products or services. 

Identifying locations or facilities or displaying regulatory or warning messages. It can be found in various forms, including outdoor billboards, indoor posters, banners, digital displays, neon signs, road signs, wayfinding signs, menu boards, and more.


Our Branding solutions aim to create
a strong and distinctive brand that resonates with the target

Builds trust and loyalty, and ultimately drives business success.


Our Graphic solutions refer to visual elements or images that are designed and produced for physical print media, such as billboards, vehicles. 

Brochures, flyers, posters, pop-ups and other printed materials. These graphics are created using various software tools, such as graphic design software, and are typically intended to be viewed and read in their printed form.


Our Fabrication solutions includes custom manufacturing for signage, displays, kiosks, structures, architectural/decor elements for interiors. 

These solutions are designed and executed by use of our in-house skilled craftsmen, latest machinery and materials including metal, acrylic, wood and glass.


Our Maintenance solutions include AMC (Annual Maintenance Contracts) for signage and Ad-Hoc service and support aimed at ensuring that signs remain in good condition. 

Function properly and continue to effectively serve their intended purpose. Proper maintenance helps extend the lifespan of signs, keeps them visually appealing, and ensures that they convey accurate information to viewers.


Our LED Screen solutions include customized displays and control systems – commonly used for advertising, information display, entertainment.

And various other applications in indoor and outdoor environments.


Our Outdoor media solutions refer to advertising and promotional strategies that utilize outdoor advertising channels to reach a wide audience. Also known as out-of-home (OOH) advertising. 

It includes various formats such as billboards, transit advertisements, street furniture ads, digital screens, and rooftop and uni-pole signage


Our UV Print solutions are widely used in the printing industry for applications such as signage, displays, labels, packaging, promotional items, and more. 

The fast drying and curing properties of UV inks make them highly efficient for high-volume production, while the durability and vibrant colors make UV prints suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.


Our 3D Print solutions provide a versatile and innovative way to bring digital designs into physical reality, opening up new possibilities in manufacturing. 

Prototyping, and customization across multiple industries.


Our Exhibition solutions include display stands, kiosks and booth setups, specifically designed to showcase client products, services, or information at trade shows. 

Exhibitions, conferences, or other events. Exhibition stands play a vital role in attracting attention, engaging visitors, and representing a brand effectively.


Our Facade Lighting solutions illuminate and enhance the exterior facades of buildings, showrooms or structures. These solutions are designed to create visually appealing.

Dynamic, and energy-efficient LED lighting displays that highlight architectural features, enhance the aesthetics of the building, and provide visual interest for your brand.


Our Gift & Premium solutions are effective marketing tools to promote the company’s brand, products, or services. By customizing the gifts with the company’s logo or message. 

They serve as a constant reminder of the brand and help increase brand visibility and recognition. These promotional items can be used at trade shows, conferences, or as giveaways during marketing campaigns.


Our LCD Display solutions offer a dynamic and visually appealing platform for delivering information, advertising, and interactive experiences. 

It enables targeted messaging, flexibility in content management, and the potential for revenue generation. LCD screen signage is widely utilized across various industries and environments, enhancing communication, engagement, and the overall visitor experience.


Our Interactive solutions includes digital signage that allows viewers to actively engage with the displayed content through various interactive features and functionalities.

Unlike traditional static signage, interactive signage encourages user participation, interaction, and personalized experiences by using AI, Touchscreens, Gesture recognition, wayfinding and social media integration.


Our Robotic solutions for advertising and delivery promote brands and enhance advertising activities. These solutions leverage robotic technologies to create interactive and engaging. 

Experiences for consumers, capture attention, and deliver targeted messages, including Robot promoters, Delivery robots, Advertising robots and interactive displays.



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Director - Champion Neon

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Director - Champion Digital

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